Palmetto State Chapter 144 Minutes

December 1, 2018


I. Meeting opened at 11:30 am

II. Minutes from November were read and approved

III. Treasurer’s report 2116.54 in checking, 20 in short envelope, 100 in start up meeting funds

IV. Committee meetings: NA

V. Old business:

Talked about the American Open Mainspring Movement Class scheduled for December 15 at Lowcountry Horology Shop. Bill McCoy conducting class.

Reminder that lunches for spouses are free in December.

VI. New Business:

John Barth expressed interest in giving a presentation on Egyptian Coffin Star Clock at the October mtg. Where did we get the 12 hours from?

Mike Bratcher expressed interest in giving a presentation on Elgin Pocket Watches. Probably in June.

Bill, Mike and John will talk about presentation dates.

February 2nd (next scheduled meeting) We will have an auction. Some items are being actioned to put in the fund to cover lunches when the cost is higher than the collection. Others can auction for personal gain. Must be an member of Chapter 144 to auction.

2019 dates: February 2, April 6, June 8, August 10, October 12, December 7.

(Please note: 1st Saturday December, February, April; 2nd Saturday June, August, October)

VII. Attendance drawing:

David McCullough’s name was drawn. He was not in attendance and did not pay in, so the whole amount is returned to the pot. Pot at $44.

VIII. Adjourn: 11:50

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